Award and Certificates

Awards will be given to the top scorers, according to the percentiles as shown below:


10% top scorers will be qualified to compete in APLO 2022. Training will be provided prior to APLO. APLO is a regional linguistics olympiad with the aim of escalating attention to linguistics in the Asia Pacific region. 

Based on the students’ performance in APLO, 8 best students will be selected for the IOL and compulsory to attend the IOL National Training Camp.

At this camp, some of the top linguists and computational linguists will work on introducing linguistics, in its full glory, covering areas like phonology, semantics, historical linguistics and computational linguistics while also training the students for the olympiad, where you can solve some cool olympiad problems based on what you learn in the lectures. 

The students will be divided into two groups, Team A and Team B, and both teams will represent our respective country in IOL which will be held on 25-29 of July 2022.

Each year, teams of young linguists from around the world, armed with logical and problem solving abilities, outside-the-box thinking, patience, and creativity, gather and test their minds against the world’s toughest puzzles in language and linguistics.

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