Format Of Questions

MyCLO questions can be described as interesting puzzles using languages. Questions can usually be answered using creative and critical thinking skills, so participants do not need to be multilingual.

The questions are all self-contained, i.e. unlike other competitions, all the data you need to crack the whole thing, is in the questions itself, thus, you are expected to sharpen logic and develop your own techniques to solve the questions from languages all over the world and uncover new features, that you might not have thought of before.

Consists of 5 problems

Participants are given 3 hours to solve all problems

20 marks will be given to every correct answer for each question

The language offered are Malay and English

“At first, I misunderstood this competition as the commonly-used foreign language competition which require you to be multilingual. But, I was wrong. No prior knowledge of linguistics is required.” Muhammad Akmal Mirza bin Shamsuri, IOL 2018 Participant

“The questions are like riddles or puzzles in a language medium. You have to prepare yourself with the abilities in computational thinking and you will survive.” Go Jun Xing, IOL 2018 & 2019 Participant

“Even the hardest problems require your logical ability only, patient work and willingness to think around corners.” Nur Fatin Najihah binti Ruslan, IOL 2019 Participant